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Essential Tour

After a while without courses, after having gathered strength, get involved in key projects… I am back with the ESSENTIAL TOUR 2024! I will tour different cities from Spain, the United States, Europe and Latam. I am eager to start! 🚀

The tour will be so special end exclusive, since I will visit a few places, and I have no idea about when I would be able to repeat the experience, so, be sure to book your place 😊 

During this time, I have been involved in developing new products for the most iconic hobby brands, and I cannot imagine a better way to test them than first hand, with me! IN addition, we will learn a lot of tricks, and I will help you to solve any doubt or fear you may have.

The tickets will be announced and unlocked as I announce the cities I will visit on the ESSENTIAL TOUR, which will be only available via my website. 

A piece of advice: do not miss to subscribe to my official newsletter, to be the first one to hear of any news!

Finally, to warm up… I want to say that we will hold raffles between the participating people of the tour, are you going to miss it? It is a golden opportunity, do not hesitate to get your ticket! 💪🏻