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Sharing what we learn helps us growing.

I have always believed in the idea that sharing our knowledge is what helps us to grow. However, I never imagined that my YouTube and social media channels would
manage to gather thousands of artists from every corner of the world.

This huge community has also become a meeting point for many well-known brands
that get to reach their target customers effectively and lend me a hand to keep my
channels free and open thanks to many different collaboration options

This is also a place for messages from other worlds which we belong to: digital entertainment, comics, audiovisual fiction… If you have a good idea, here you will get an action plan to make your message have the desired impact.

Because your brand will be welcome if you join forces to us, in order to become more and better painters.

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Vivien Massad

Redgrass Games CEO

Byron Orde

Artis Opus & Element Games CEO

Warrick Smith

General Manager at Harder & Steenbeck

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Feel free to contact me to suggest any interesting projects, I am all ears to new challenges.