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SCIFI Painting Set


SCIFI Painting Set


Immerse yourself in a futuristic and vibrant world with the incomparable SCIFI Painting Set BY Ángel Giraldez!

The SCIFI BY ÁNGEL GIRALDEZ painting set is the ideal choice to add color and life to your science fiction-style figures: The line between the human and the artificial blurs in that futuristic time and space period. It’s your moment to breathe life into each of your figures.

With tremendously saturated colors and fluorescent tones, this set allows you to create infinite color schemes and cutting-edge luminous effects.

The paints, a new Vallejo’s Game Color formulation, will glide smoothly onto your figure, respecting every detail with unmatched saturation and coverage capacity.

You’ll feel the brushstrokes like caresses on your figure!

The set also includes a 28mm futuristic warrior figure with a high level of detail, on which you can apply stunning color schemes or light-induced reflections, fluorescents, or shines.

Furthermore, you’ll find a video tutorial available through the QR code on the box, which will guide you step by step in painting this figure. It couldn’t be easier!

This product will become every painter’s ultimate companion by merging traditional techniques with futuristic elements.

Discover everything it can do for you and take your results to the forefront of painting. The SCIFI future awaits you!

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